Barbados Constitutional Reform Commission UK

This case brief required us to plan, crew and deliver the technical support for three town hall hybrid meetings over the course of four days at three unique sites across England. The first meeting was held in Birmingham on a Saturday followed by Reading on the Monday and finishing on Tuesday in London. The technical requirements included full HD camera recordings from two angles, a contributor feed from a different time zone and country via Zoom which the aid of mobile internet.

In-house Capabilities
The in house kit used on this included our Sony FS7, Sony FS5 and Canon XA20 which were fed into our mobile flyback. This was mixed in vMix and output to Zoom as well as various recorders for redundancy. We were able to produce the above promo in less than 24 hours which was used to promote the final two meetings.

Live Hybrid Meeting

Take aways

We use both in-house and trusted freelancers with decades of experience to deliver these hybrid meetings. From the very simple to the extremely complex we are able to work with client budget to deliver projects to specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for further enquires.

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