Drone orthomosaic mapping is a process of creating a highly accurate, aerial map(s) of your property using drones equipped with high-resolution cameras. The images captured by the drones are then processed using specialised software to create a mosaic or stitched image that represents the total property in two dimensions. The result is a comprehensive and detailed map that can be used for various purposes, including facilities management.

Why not use google earth?

Commissioned 2D drone mapping provides:

Higher resolution images,
More up-to-date data
Customised mapping options
Is Cost-effective
Data that can be compared from time period to time period.

When used to its full potential drone orthomosaic mapping provides facilities management companies with the tools they need to streamline their operations, schedule preventative maintenance, save on insurance premiums and improve their services. All of these points are more attractive to Google earth. On preventative maintenance and insurance savings along these more than pay for any regular visits to your property.

Example of equipment used for drone mapping

The Process

Mekdem’s process of drone mapping involves several steps, starting with planning for your deliverables in order to honour your commission within the legal parameters of our Authorisation given by the UK CAA or the CAA equivalent of the jurisdiction we are performing the tasks in. The drone is programmed to fly over the property in a grid-like pattern, capturing images from different angles. These images are then transferred to specialised software where they are stitched together to create a mosaic image of the property.

The software then processes the images, using algorithms to correct for any distortions and remove any unwanted elements such as trees or buildings. Finally, the processed images are combined to create a highly accurate and detailed map of the property, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as facilities management, construction planning, and property assessment. Throughout this process we follow the regulations to ensure the safety of the property, the drone, and any individuals in the vicinity.

Key Takeaways

  • Cost
  • Be Seen to Sell
  • Learn Something New

Your facilities business needs photogrammetry. Why you ask? Your competitors are using it in providing major benefits to their businesses. Just like any other aspect of your business in order to remain competitive why wouldn’t you? Should you have any further questions on our process for taking orthos please contact us at info@mekdem.co.uk

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