Registration Fee  Consultation

Registration Fee Consultation

Consultation, consultation and further consultation but is anyone actually listening? I completed the most recent drone consultation two days before the deadline having sat and read a myriad of view from many drone fora. Many colleagues would have rushed ahead and made their views known before taking the time to explore other opinions which could have made their submissions stronger. 

With that being said I believe that this particular consultation will not only garner a great response but will represent a range of view previously not heard. Registration affects everyone and so far the comparisons to drivers licences, firearms licences and similar registration schemes in other countries highlight the absurdity in costs as well as renewal frequency. What is left to be seen now is will anyone in authority actually listen? 

None of these proposed measures has made an impact on illegal flying so far and registration will not. Illegal operators in no area of life ever inform authorities of their intended illegal operation and this is a point which continues to be made. As a PfCO operator at worst, we are hoping that our PfCO number will already be considered as registration. We shall now await the recommendations resulting from this latest consultation. 

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